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D.O.T.S is more than an agency. It’s a collective of young innovative talents all sharing the same passion : Communications 3.0 because today, selling dreams no longer works. Dreams need to be embodied.

Everything. Matters.

Digital Strategy. Strategic Planning. Films. PR & e-PR. Editorial & Visual Content. Brand Activation. Event Management 3.0. Influential Marketing. Training. Campaign. Branding. Social Media. Copywriting.

In 2019...

..., content alone is no longer enough, it needs to be brought to life.
The short term no longer exists, you need to touch people’s souls.
Selling dreams no longer works, they need to be embodied.

..., to communicate is : to captivate, to unite, to share.
But it is also the art of knowing how to connect the right dots.
This is D.O.T.S.

What is D.O.T.S?

D.O.T.S is a communication agency that represents modern times, dedicated to an efficient brand activation, memorable and made to measure. In a world that is increasingly demanding, breaking with the classical 360° is not just an option. It’s my vision.

My manifest for D.O.T.S is to adopt a new strategic approach, feminine and uninhibited. defy conventions, connecting all generations, a direct link between print and digital. D.O.T.S will use modern operational tools and perspectives to develop and liberate your Brand’s potential.

Cloé Biessy

The Vision.

More than 10 years’ experience with LVMH, Quintessentially and HYT helped develop the tireless passion I have for marketing and a transversal know how in Communications. Humans are at the heart of all strategies and devices and my eye for detail and attentiveness will ensure I am as close to your needs as possible.

My philosophy: lose your shackles and connect the “dots” (PR, digital and events) to become one. A clear and strong vision that pushes Communication to it’s utmost efficiency. A vision that will bring your Brand to new and unheard of heights.

To accompany the reinvention of your universe, to create memorable moments with your clients or to take the plunge on social media, I have created within D.O.T.S a network of young European talents from all walks of life: graphic designers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, programmers, all motivated by the same philosophy and desire to find the best solution for your success.

Who are the D.O.T.S?

DOTS Communication
DOTS Communication

Cloé. The Eye. She captures light, perceives a myriad of shades and has a keen eye for new trends.

Running between Switzerland, France and the rest of the world, she draws her inspiration in the ""made in Paris"" luxury, with a very Swiss attention to detail.

Her watchword : Defying the conventions.

12h30 Communication - Concepteur Web
12h30 Communication - Concepteur Web

Caba is in the "geeky" industry since 20 years now. He owns 12h30 agency.

Over time, 12h30 has specialized itself in the digital era with a honed sense of details and execution. Caba and his team are doing website creation, maintenance, SEO, and many more works like the recent creation of a digital radio. They also propose sound design.

12H30 can bring you bespoke digital solutions.

EtincElle - Graphisme
EtincElle - Graphisme

Sophie has more than 10 years of graphic design experience. She is the creative talent in the Lab of Etincelle agency.

Aesthete and trendsetter, she loves creating, taking up new challenge, and developing timeless solutions.

Few big cosmetics and fashion brands trust her, and we do so !

Toast - Production Vidéo
Toast - Production Vidéo

More than a simple audio-visual production agency, Toast is always a bustling hotbed of ideas and projects.

The young team has a creative and professional organizational structure, with a genuine sense of team spirit at its foundation. Toast is always up to speed with recent trends, and have a great view of the latest technologies – as well as Lake Neuchatel!

Marie - Copywriter
Marie - Copywriter

Marie. The wordsmith. Soaks into the ink of creativity, always looking for the right word and lets her imagination running on the paper.

Avid traveler, movie buffer, loves to go on a new journey discovering news worlds while carrying a small notebook.

Her watchword: always keep your mind open.

Alex - Photographe
Alex - Photographe

Alex's life is consisting of travelling and travelling for his work as a pro photograher.

Completely self taught, Alex has received much acclaim for the artistic strength of his work, with projects being featured extensively online such as Petapixel and My Modern Met, Yahoo!, amongst many others.

Alex likes diversity and excels accross gender. He works today for luxury brands, celebrities, 5 star hotels, and for D.O.T.S.

Our collaborations.


Haute Horlogerie Manufacture producing exclusive luxury watches, audacious in-house calibres respecting traditional watchmaking.


Managing all the communications of the brand.

Romain Jerome
Romain Jerome

Swiss-made Timepieces incorporating DNA of Famous Legends and Icons.


Managing the worldwide press relation.

Rebellion Timepieces
Rebellion Timepieces

Passion / Intensity / Time - No compromise.

In pursuit of performance and victory


Managing all the communications of the brand.

Let’s connect the dots together.

D.O.T.S Communication by C. Biessy

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